The Girls | Artists Andrea Blood & Zoe Sinclair:
The Girls are re-emerging British artists Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair. The Girls award-winning collaboration focuses on photographic self-portraiture.
SaaS power for construction and property | BIW Technologies
UK SaaS developer of business collaboration software and extranet systems to manage delivery of construction and property projects and processes.
Human Beans
Human Beans is a collaboration between London based designers Mickael Charbonnel and Chris Vanstone.
ELASA - European Landscape Architecture Student Association
ELASA is the European Landscape Architecture Student Association, which promotes the support, cooperation, exchange of ideas and understanding between landscape architect...
Tomato was founded in 1991 as a collective of artists, designers, musicians and writers. Each one of the creatives involved is a partner, sharing their own field of exper...
London Independent Photography
London Independent Photography is a community organisation for amateur and professional photographers with more than 550 members. Our activities are designed to bring tog...
InstantASP Ltd - ASP.NET Community & Customer Support Softwa...
ASP.NET Collaboration & Knowledge Management / Help Desk Software
Scott Gavin on Business Social Software and Entrepreneurship
Scott Gavin on Enterprise 2.0, Social Media and Enabling Technologies

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